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The weakest point of world-building in the MCU so far is that HYDRA has been in SHIELD for the last 40+ years and no one noticed.

Steve Rogers, Captain America, sworn enemy of HYDRA, didn’t notice for 2 years that he was working with flipped agents.

Nick Fury, the most paranoid spy in the business, either didn’t notice or severely underestimated the extent of the infiltration.

This comes down to Rumlow. He is either an outlier, and Steve didn’t report his ass for being an overly aggressive dickhead, or he’s not, and Steve was fine with an environment that was overly aggressive, racist, ableist, and sexist, ‘cause Nazis.

The easiest way for HYDRA to infiltrate SHIELD is to start getting people into HR. Building a company culture is as easy as hiring people like you. You want a company that is granola, free thinking, and ambitious? Then that’s who you hire.

All HYDRA would need to do in the beginning is hire people like Jack Thompson (from Agent Carter) and then sound them out. How do they react to sexist jokes? racist jokes? being encouraged to treat the enemy less humanly? using less than ethical means to get information? And then they build on that environment by hiring people progressively closer to the HYDRA vision statement.

One of the things I think Whedon could have used better in AoU is the ending of CA:TWS. Why should people in Sokovia trust the Avengers when the internet shows their leader working for Nazis for 2 years, how can they know that he was oblivious? Anything Steve does to distance himself from SHIELD will look like he’s trying to distance himself from it.

At some point someone (Sam) needs to set Steve down and tell him “Now put yourself in someone else’s shoes: Documents leak that Captain America, the hero they’ve idolized since they were a tot, has been working for Nazis for the past two years. How well do you think they’re going to react to you Steve? This isn’t a judgement of you as a person, just something you need to take into account when dealing with press or government officials.”

The people Steve got through to in CA:TWS were people already deeply invested in SHIELD; we haven’t seen him interact with someone outside of that organization about how DC and HYDRA were handled.


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