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So I was watching Bucky murder strut his way up the stairs in the Civil War trailer and came to a realization: my brain practically purrs when the Winter Soldier moves, but starts throwing up enough flags to equip a football halftime show when Captain America just... stands there. Of course then I had to do some self analysis to figure out ‘what the hell brain?’

Hypothetically, if I was in a room with the Patriotic Dorito and I knew he was Captain America, I’d probably be fine and do my normal thing that I do with unknown authority (wait to see if they’re competent). And if I was in a room with the Raccoon Assassin and knew he was the boogeyman of the intelligence community, then I’d be leaving the room as fast as possible, because why tempt fate? However, if they were out of uniform and I didn’t know them from Adam, my reactions would be flipped.

The main reason is this: Steve never turns the aggression off. Tiny or muscled, the impression he leaves in my memory is of an angry shaken two liter soda bottle, just waiting to explode when someone messes with the cap (ha, pun). In CA:TWS he more reminds me of a shaken soda bottle that’s been left alone for a few hours. He has purpose, focus, not just anger. And the more times I rewatch Captain America/ Avengers films, the more my brain is able to catalog what is making me twitch. Basically, my immediate reaction is to put my back to a wall and keep an eye on Rogers to see which way he goes off.

The Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes is all directed aggression. If I’m not his target, or between him and his target, then I’m as safe as I would be at home. When he’s on, he’s on and when he’s off, he’s really off (and looks like he needs a cocoa and a blanket. Yes, this does include WWII Bucky, think the bar scene vs when he’s sniping). And his aggression doesn’t have a lot of anger behind it. I think the most anger I saw was when the Winter Soldier was beating Steve’s ass on the helicarrier and that was more confusion/ frustration than rage.

It has to be a actor/ director choice because Chris Evans does not ping me at all in interviews or behind the scenes. First time seeing him as Captain America I was so excited! He’s gorgeous, fits the role really well, and does a fantastic job with the script and action. Then The Avengers came out and I watched him have a PTSD off with Stark while under the influence of the Stick O’ Doom. Then Avengers: Age of Ultron came out and his everything started setting me off. And now I can’t watch CA:TFA without it being ruined by what I know of his future characterization.

I do recognize it’s my life experiences that are causing me to twig about Rogers, and that I’m in the minority when it comes to assessing him as a threat.


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